A fresh start

Whether it is the start of a new year, a new job or a new company, after some time you have to look back, draw a line and ask yourself: “Is this what I intended to do?”. Are you happy with the progress sofar, are you happy with how things turned out?

Every morning when I get out to fetch my newspaper from the front lawn, I gaze at my neighborhoodneighbors grass that looks greener than my own. However, when I walk my dog and she prepares to donate something to the neighbor’s yard, I can see that, looking back, my grass does not look bad at all, it is a matter of perspective and viewpoint.

Likewise with your new start. I do not want to burst your bubble but after the bubbly party when you return to the office in January, nothing really has changed. It became evening and it became morning, you write another year, start another ledger but materially nothing really has changed. The thing that will create change though is your mindset. Your perspective may have changed and this is why you will feel better about things or got energized to tackle those projects that have bothered you for months.

After changing jobs or companies, you’ll find out, after the so-called “honeymoon period” that the same characters probably appear in every situation you find yourself in. Joe from your previous company is so much like Charles in this company etc. It is my belief that this phenomenon has caused the series OFFICE to be so successful. Everyone recognizes the characters in that fictitious company, although they are taken to their extremes. This does not mean that you should not change jobs or companies, but the point here is that you should change for the right reasons (career progress, better future prospects, great upward potential, more interesting work etc.) not to walk away from characters or situations in your old company and not because the grass looks so much better in the other company.

Would it not be wonderful to create that change that you want without having to wait for the calendar to move forward or your paycheck to carry a new name?

Starting tomorrow, when you come in, treat the day like the first day in a new year, like the first day at a new job and try to look at everything with a fresh outlook and the perspective of someone who looks from the outside in. Break away from some old patterns to make your change visible. Go for lunch with someone else, change your moldy old sign-off under your emails, park your car in a different spot or walk up to your floor instead of taking the elevator.

Although the scale may merciless show that you haven’t lost that weight, your view on the waist line may have changed and buying clothes that fit great may be the better strategy to feel more confident about yourself than struggling with the same old diet.

Treasure your experience, build on your education and know-how but refresh your perspective and view on the same issues regularly.

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