being strategic

Erika Anderson, on the Forbes website, takes on mr Potter. She talks about the definition of Being strategic by mr Potter, who has a concept that fits larger for profit organizations, and then goes on to put her own definition against that. Her definition of Being Strategic is: 

consistently focusing on those core directional efforts that will best move you toward your desired outcomes.

Well, I like that a lot. In my articles about Goals you will find that I will go over lots of different forms of goals, but the commonality of it comes close to the notion that Erika sets out here. It is good to think about these matters and form your own opinion on it. below the books that matter on the subject, good reads.


From Welfare Mom to Millionaire

Here is a great story about a woman who, through trails and tribulations, has learned the lessons of management well. It’s all about goal clarity. You can read the story HERE or read the pdf HERE.

Her summary and advice to us, nicely highlights some of the 10 points we emphasize:

  • Your responsibility is to be clear about your vision (goal). Then you can ask others to help. (Goal clarity and Ask help in solving problems)
  • There is a lot of assistance out there for entrepreneurs if you look for it: I learned bookkeeping from a volunteer group of retired accountants. (Ask help in solving problems and Keep Learning)
  • Surround yourself with people who support you. A lot of people said I was crazy to start my own business as a single mom. But I had a few people who believed in me. (again focus on Resources)
  • Be okay with the knowledge that you won’t know how to do everything right away and trust that you can learn. (Keep Learning)
  • Create a “mastermind group” – 2 or 3 people who are willing to have you bounce ideas off them every few weeks. I kept my group going for 10 years. (Resources and Keep Learning)
Here you see our story and our 10 points of management applied to real life!
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