Conflict and Motivation

At first glance the two concepts; Conflict and Motivation, don’t seem to have any connection. Upon further reflection though we will see that there is a potentially very productive connection between the two.

Most of us don’t like conflict. Here is a thought though; conflict is part of human life. Conflict is part of your marriage, much like love is part of your marriage. Kids learn by playing and having conflicts and resolving them. This teaches them where they stand in life, what other people really think and why things work the way they do. Similarly in work, conflict can be a healthy thing.

Having someone compete with you for the same resources or rewards or business success will bring out the desire to win. There will be some dynamic tension going on and that can be very motivating as it will bring out the best in you, when you see what is going on. You will feel the heath and it will keep you on your toes and motivate you to be the very best performer you can be.

Those who don’t understand what is going on will see the dynamic tension, or conflict as a battle for life or death and become very unproductive and a liability for your business. So conflict and motivation can go hand in hand, but you need to be very aware of what is going on in your team to avoid unnecessary infighting and destructive tendencies.

Business People Having a Meeting

One of the ways to bring some dynamic tension in the team is by inviting junior people to established meetings, like your staff meeting, and have them actively contribute to the topics. Giving some assignments and some well chose delegation will do the rest. See how all members smell the competition and start excelling to beat the crowd.

Your role is to guard for derailing of the process and call out the ones that are turning healthy competition and dynamic tension from a motivating healthy conflict into an unproductive battle zone


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