Does this sound familiar to you?

You are trying so hard. You really put your best effort forward. Yes there are some tensions in the team but you have been able to avoid any clashes. Although your point sometimes does not come across as you had planned in meetings, you follow up with emails to ensure folks get your points and add some more detail to the topic. Yet, once the big guns come in, you are not promoted, nor recognized, your project gets no funding, your solutions are trashed. What went wrong?

Hard to say but let me run the most common issues by you:

  • Lack of Goal Clarity; do you know absolutely sure that you understand the goals of the organization/department/project/team? In many cases people think they have goal clarity but in fact they only look at what is written and published and have not discovered the sometimes hidden objectives that the organization/department/project/team is after.
  • Unclear communication; following up missed points from a meeting to explain yourself after the fact usually leads to lengthy emails that no one will read. Also an email is not very persuasive, your passionate speech would have been.
  • Not engaging in conflict; you sense some tension but you don’t address the issue head on. By avoiding the conflict you have not done yourself or the project any favors. The issue will come out but now at a later stage in the project where you have lost credibility and valuable time.
  • Not understanding the formula for maximum results; you aim for 100% quality but leave acceptance up for grabs and you get no takers. A great project deserves a balance between quality and acceptance to maximize the outcomes.

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