Hire Learners not people with specialized skills

Today I want to highlight an excellent blogpost by Patrick Gray, the founder of Prevoyance group. In his blogpost he makes the point that you do better to hire someone who can quickly learn a new skill than someone who spend a whole life developing an insane depth of knowledge about a little subject. In his own words:

“True niche players can be some of the worst hires. If they’ve spent a lifetime acquiring an insanely deep knowledge of a small subset of tools they are innately biased toward those tools. They see every problem through the lens of that tool, and are resistant to adopting other technologies or practices since they are a threat to that hard-fought knowledge rather than a potential better way. Furthermore, when your entire career has been structured around nicheification, there’s little potential for leadership or management, skills that are learned rather than innate, and generally ignored when your search targets a niche player.”

Here is Patrick’s new book, worth reading, you’ll find his views on hiring and firing in chapter 4.

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