How you set goals

Fotolia 38809614_XSThis is the season to think about next year. Yes you may have send in your budget proposals in October but how will you work the issues, and how will you go about the projects that need to be accomplished in the next year?

A coach was on the air the other day giving a good insight in what can go wrong. His point was this: “People set goals based on who they want to be, not based on who they are”.

Thinking about this, there are some implications. You may want to be the best most senior manager in the firm but when your position is actually nowhere near that, you would do good to play your part at your level in order to make your way to the top.

Just like a coach potatoe should not set a goal to run a marathon in two months but rather should set a more realistic goal of getting to run a short distance on a regular schedule.

So consider who you are, where you are, and be realistic in setting your short term goals to avoid getting burned out and giving up too soon. Good Luck!

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