Improve your communication

Today I want to share with you a site that provides lots of tools to improve your communication skills.

It is not possible to get your message out or to have impact on your organization without some kind of communication. Getting your message across is the most important part of management and leadership. There are many many ways to communicate and there is not one right one, but there are things to remember that work, won’t work or will have an impact to consider.

With communication it is always important to remember that it is a process, not a one off activity. Even when you just tell someone something that this person needs to go and do, the communication, which seems like a one off event, is part of a larger process. The person who receives the communication has an opinion about you. This opinion is created by who you are, what you have done or said previously, of what organization you are a part of and numerous other parts that together form the process of communication.

Improving your communication will improve your management. You can find the site HERE

And the good people at Mastersincommunication have published a great article on this too, find it HERE

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