In the part about Resources in our 10 points management, you’ll here a lot more about how to get the right resources in helping you with solving your companies questions.

Read this wonderful column today in the WSJ, it handles some of the interviewing techniques used today.

There are many ways, companies do their interviewing and Google sure has an off the beaten path way of getting there but is seems to work for them. 

Research however shows that interviewers go in first impressions. People watching 10 second clips of interiews arrived at the same conclusions as the people actually doing the interviews. The question for me is always if you have missed great candidates. We can measure how successful your hiring process was by evaluating the candidate you hired against your expectations but we can’t measure the ones you missed.

A good friend of mine got declined for a marketing job at a multinational only to go on and write a book about marketing and become a VP of marketing at another, competing, multinational.

The first impression is alway a major factor. Didn’t the first impression your spouse made on you get you to engage in the process and start dating? Well so you may have missed a great potential spouse by not going after the one who didn’t make a great impression but is it important? As they say, it isn’t about marrying the right one, it is about doing the right things with the one you married. Likewise, it isn’t about hiring the right one, it is mainly about doing the right things with the one you hired.

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