Keep learning, Keep reading

Good leaders, keep reading. You can hear often the saying: “You are never to old to learn”. If you are anything like most of us you are probably spending a lot of time commuting to and from your office or in travel to business meetings. Consider this time opportunities for learning and reading.

If you think you don’t have time to read all the books that matter, consider the following options to help you stay up to date: a service that summarizes 50 books a month in various formats for about 300 dollar a year. similar service but with 700 books available and 50 summaries per year added for about 225 dollar This site adds about 30 summaries every year, variable pricing between 99 and 230 dollars with no less than about 260 summaries added every year and silimar pricing up to 225 dollars for a year

Some of the sites also add audio formats to their offerings so that you can listen to either cd’s or on your mp3 player to the summaries.

Other services that can help you stay up to date are where you can buy audio books and you can buy books on for your kindle and listen to them if you have one of the kindles with audio.

You need to invest some time in sorting out these sites and evaluating which one offers most summaries for books that are great for your position. The alternative is reading summaries in management magazines, like the Harvard Business Review and others but those do not offer audio for “reading” on the go.

Most important is to reflect on what you have read to stay up to date for your position lately. What is on your night stand and how much time could you bring to good use if you start listening to either books or summaries while traveling.


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