Mind over Matter

No we are not referring to parapsychology or psychokinetic here nor the words attributed to Mao Zedong, no we go back to the original meaning of the words attributed to Sir Charles Lyell and we are referring here to the amazing strength of the human mind. With your mind you control everything.Mind over matter


Think about it, it can be 30F or 105F but whether you feel hot or cold is controlled by your brain. Your body may shiver or sweat automatically but your perspective on how you experience the heat or cold is entirely up to your mind.


Likewise, people can love you or hate you but your reaction to it is controlled by your mind. You determine your reaction to anything around you. One of my bosses early in my career told me to never let others determine my position and reactions and living by that advice has served me well over the years.


How you feel about things that happen around you, your company, your career, your co-workers, it all gets determined between your ears. You decide how to react and you decide what the best path forward should be in this particular situation.
Realizing this gives you an advantage in life and in your career. Insert your brain between your feelings or emotions and your reaction to the outside world.
Remember; “No one can let you feel inferior without your consent” (Eleanor Roosevelt)


With everything that happens, consider the facts, consider the source, consider the long term outcome you desire and be sure you understand the goals that need to be attained. Then and only then stage your response. Train yourself to do this really quickly and you’ll benefit even more from it.


This is not an encouragement to become detached or aloof. This does not mean that you should loose your genuine passion around some situations or your assignment. This only encourages you to ensure you use the amazing power of your brain, in conjunction with your senses to bring out the best of what you have in store.


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