New Beginnings

Decision Choose Change or  Same Old Street

At the start of a new year we tend to talk about New Beginnings, New Year’s resolutions and a fresh start. Well I hate to bring it to you but please realize that the New Year is a construct of our minds, an agreement shared with most of the world, but in reality, the half written memo from December 31st is still there on January 2nd and the invoice you did not pay on December 31st is now just three days later but still unpaid. Having said that, the beginning of a new year is, like coming back after a vacation, a great moment to take stock of where you are and what needs to be done.

We need to build time for reflection into our daily routine. If you have a long commute, that is one option to go over the day’s planning in the morning and reflect on the day’s events in the evening. The thoughtful reflection at the start of a new year or after a vacation break however is more than this daily routine. We should take these rare moments as opportunities to change. The world around us is prepared to accept a more radical change in our approach after the start of a new year or after returning from a vacation trip than at the start of just another workday. Use this period of easy transition to your benefit and take advantage of it by changing things that may in other times be either less accepted or be considered too sensitive to touch.

Check your understanding of the Goals that you are pursuing, the Communication that you have in place with your team and the Resources you are using to get the Results.

One thing you should probably change, is the natural tendency to shy away from risk and being too afraid to fail, to such an extend that you fail to do the right things. Have courage, be bold, be brave in failing. Remember the quote attributed to Edison who said something like: “I have not failed, I have just found many ways that do not work” or a quote attributed to Babe Ruth: “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way”.

Reflect on the past 12 months and be honest to yourself (no one else may be). Think through the changes that would have made these 12 months so much better and plan to act accordingly. This is the moment to do it, the opportunity to transition is now.

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