Goal setting

The Center for Creative Leadership, on their website, shows a story about adaptability and dealing with change and transition. A wonderful topic for any discussion about management. This comes back in a number of our points on Management. It plays a role in your Goals setting, with timing, process and creativity. It is an important notion and it is great that Allan Calarco has studied this topic and tells us about it. In the short article on the website they show the following short list:


First, consider your personal approach to change. Think about a specific change you’ve been through recently. How did you respond? Did you:

  • Accept the change as positive?
  • See the change as an opportunity?
  • Adapt plans as necessary?
  • Quickly master new technology, vocabulary, operating rules?
  • Seek corrective feedback?
  • Lead the change by example?
  • Take into account other people’s concerns?
  • Sort out your strengths and weaknesses fairly accurately?
  • Admit personal mistakes, learn from them and move on?
  • Remain optimistic?


They then go on to discuss three components of adaptability. Please go out to their website and review this or get one of Allen’s works.

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