Politics and Management

His communications have been confusing to say the least. No one really understood where he was going with the referendum and selling the necessary government savings in Greece to the population has been one major disaster, if you look at all the turmoil in the markets and the riots and strikes in the streets.

About the results we will need to hold our comments until a few month have passed and we get a better view on the outcomes.

The sense of timing from Papandreou is terrible, the inflammatory call for a referendum could have easily put off the other countries and caused an quick and dramatic end to the crisis by the others allowing Greece to default.

He also has a strange way of working with our rule: “ask help when solving problems”. The problem solvers have pretty much needed to force themselves onto him and he has not used all the help he could have received. Motivation and Process thinking have not prominently featured. He was creative in how he tried to come up with delaying tactics and tried to avoid having to implement spending cuts but if he learned from the saga and will become a better leader and manager is highly doubtful.

My conclusion in the, admitted quick and dirty analysis, is that we cannot learn anything from the management style from Papandreou and he would do wise to review our articles and take some or our lessons to heart.

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