Power Timing

This is the age of Power everything, Power Friending, Power Broking, Power Management, Media Power, Consulting Power and even Power Dating.

Let me introduce Power Timing.

business peopleTiming can be a powerful enhancement of your management. Great ideas deserve great timing. Like your car’s ignition needs to be finely tuned to run optimal, likewise your ideas and projects, interactions and initiatives need to be timed for maximum impact.

Examples of great timing are the introduction of the ipod by Steve Jobs, and later the introduction of the Ipad also by Steve Jobs. The Ipad was surely not the first tablet to come on the market but the market had not been ready for a tablet. Steve Jobs hit the market exactly when it was ready with a product that was ready to convince many people.

You don’t have to swing hard to hit a home run. If you got the timing, it’ll go.
Yogi Berra

If a leader performs the wrong action at the wrong time, it leads to disaster; if he performs the right action at the wrong time, it brings resistance; taking the wrong action at the right time will be seen by people as a mistake and the right action at the right time will result in a success.

So not only do you need the timing to be just right, you also need to act and have the courage to do that at that very special moment when the timing is just right.

Power Timing is, like many things, 90% hard work and preparation and 10% inspiration.

To get the timing of your actions exactly right, you’ll need to have absolute goal clarity, be in sync with the leaders of the core business of your company to ensure you don’t time things that will interfere with core processes, have all your preparations done and ready to go, your budget, your team trained, your market research done, your technology up to date, your market intelligence optimized etc.

Next comes the 10% inspiration to find that perfect moment.

Some people do the preparation and jump into action, glad that they have done all the pre-work, some people continue to be uncertain about the right moment to act and continue to look for more data to reduce their risk, also referred to as “analysis paralysis”.

So is choosing the perfect moment luck? Some call it luck but consider this; are you really lucky or are you so focused on the opportunities that you spotted the right moment where others didn’t act?

You can make your own luck, you can create your own great timing it is a matter of Power Timing; hard work and clear focus.


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