R=Q*A The magic formula

Results equals Quality times Acceptance.

The hypothetical calculation would be: 10,000 Result can be gained if you provide 100 Quality with 100 Acceptance. Well from this it follows that the result will be 0 if you put in 100 Quality but fail to gain any Acceptance and likewise if everyone loves your solution but it has absolutely zero Quality the end result will be 0 as well.Male and wearing a business shirt writing the question Are You Getting Results? in white text on a blackboard

Most managers are smart people, they get chosen for their expertise rather than for their managerial skills. Managers tend to over emphasize the Quality aspect of the job. There are whole Quality control departments but only few departments that focus on the Acceptance of the proposed solution.

Creating acceptance is giving people some control, within boundaries, over a piece of the project. It could be the pace of implementation, the scale, some of the impact, but anything to create acceptance will go a long way and improve your overall result.

Another popular way of saying this is: “Do not let the ideal be the enemy of the good.”

If you create an ideal project, but you get too much opposition to get the desired results out of it, you may want to rethink it and go for the next best option, still good but not ideal but now acceptable to more affected people and thus a more useful project.

Where is the line between creating acceptance and giving in to demands from the “opposition”? In our western democratic society we see it every day; politicians won’t give in to the demands of their opposition and as a result no legislation is passed and the cause remains unsolved.

Political parties spend an inordinate amount of time and resources highlighting why the other party has it wrong, without looking at the pieces that would lead to some cooperation and are generally accepted between the two parties. Also, it is my belief that if you would be able to go back to the constituency with a clear explanation of what the viewpoints are, a solution would be in the making soon but politicians in general do not want to be seen as bowing to the other party so they continue to paint the other viewpoints in a grim light and the country continues to have the issues unresolved.

Unfortunately in teams at a company level, the same behaviors occur. People get over involved in their departments’ or their own views and lose sight of the ultimate result that the company needs.

There is no fixed formula for maintaining the quality of your projects. You will be judged by the results, as measured against the goals. Some people are more inclined to lower the Q to 80% and work to get some 50% acceptance, some people have an easier time lowering the Q to 50% but then enjoy 80% acceptance. The Results will be the same.

Results are accomplished by having a balance between Quality of the solution to the issue and Acceptance of that solution by the intended audience. Sole focus on Quality will yield an academic result that won’t get implemented, sole focus on Acceptance will yield a solution that won’t get the Results.

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