Secret of India’s CEO export

Carla Powers writes a nice article in Time magazine about the current flood of CEOs coming from India. Where the Keynians seem to dominate the NYC marathon, the Indians lead in the CEO League. Here is the start of the article:


What on earth did the Banga brothers’ mother feed them for breakfast? Whatever it was, it worked: Vindi Banga grew up to become a top executive at the food-and-personal-care giant Unilever, then a partner at the private-equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice. His younger brother Ajay, after heading Citigroup’s Asian operations, was named CEO of MasterCard last year–all without a degree from a Western business school and without abandoning his Sikh turban. When Ajay took over at the credit-card company’s headquarters in a suburb outside New York City, the Times of India crowed that he was the first “entirely India-minted executive”…

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