Serious Play

Dorie Clark, over at Forbes, dicusses her interview with Michael Schrage, the CEO of MIT’s Center for Digital Business and the author of “Serious Play”. They talk about how the way to get to innovation is sometimes not a straight line but can take many, seemingly irrational, paths. One quote that I particularly like is this one: 

“Do you see yourself as someone who wants to exchange value in a transactional way – ‘I’ll give you this if you’ll give me that’ – or is your view ‘No, let’s build new value together’?”

Among the various other interesting things they discuss this is something that gets to the heart of what we value in our view on Creativity. The process at times may look convoluted but with the developments in technology and the new opportunities offered by social media for employees to collaborate, creativity can certainly benefit. Definitively worth the read.



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