Spring Clean Your Business, a few tips


It is springtime and cleaning is in the air.

After doing the garage and the utility room, it is time for the business to be spring cleaned.

Cleaning can be a daunting task if you have no plan to execute in an efficient manner. As cleaning includes relooking at old stuff, there are various dangers lurking; you get side tracked and daydream over an old activity,  you get bogged down with an issue that you had forgotten needed attention, you get carried away with low priority items, or you lose sight of the overall objective.

Doing the garage and the utility room involved, setting a time for it, scheduling regular intervals and sticking to a plan.

Spring Cleaning your business is no different, you need to allocate time for it, schedule regular intervals and create a plan that you will stick to.

Setting a time for the cleaning is important as we all know Parkinson’s law:

“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” Setting a certain time will ensure it won’t interfere with keeping your business running. Scheduling the regular intervals is something I value to keep the daunting task fresh, to ensure I keep my energy up but mainly to restart and regain my focus on the goal we want to achieve.

Sticking to the plan was necessary to be able to get through the sheer volume of items to look at.

So what will you be spring cleaning?

  • Finish articles in development
  • Catch up with contacts you have neglected
  • Review the subscriptions you pay for (but don’t necessarily read)
  • Tidy up the administration
  • Create or update your list of possible target customers
  • Relook at audit reports that had things to accomplish and follow up to see if those have been done
  • Check your mandatory filings or schedule reminders in your calendar to do them
  • Plan review sessions with your staff to go over their plans for the year and how they are coming along
  • Plan any trips you know you need to make in the remainder of this year

This is the shortlist, but it is a good start. Cleaning is a daunting task, but you will be so much better prepared once it is done and the resulting efficiency will make up for the time allocated to the task.

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