The Wizard of Oz

Various writers have seen analogies of business and management with the story of the Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy goes to seek the Wizard to go home to her native Kansas and she brings along a Lion, that seeks courage, a Tinman who seeks a Heart and a Scarecrow who seeks a brain. 

Click here for a nice overview of the story in management terms by Dan Bobinski. Click here for another one by Tom Stevens.

The strongest point you can get from the story for me is the notion of what a management team needs; thinking capacity (the brain), compassion (the heart) and courage to see through the uphill battles and plan ahead by plotting your yellow brick road.

You want a strategy that has been developed with enough knowledge, and an eye for the impact on stakeholders, you want that executed by a team that is strong enough to carry the strategy through even when employees, stockholders, the authorities, unions or the press are asking questions and you want that strategy to be visible and clear (a yellow brick road comes to mind).

Think about your own management group. Do you have the clear strategy in place, do you have the required skills and knowledge in the group? Is there enough known about the impact on certain stakeholders who may be adversely affected and do you have the right communication plan and enough backbone to execute? 

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