Treasure your enemies

In business, as in life in general, conflicts will occur. You will encounter people you like to work with and those you do not like to work with. The age old lesson, that even comes from the bible, is that you need to accept the conflicts and keep the enemies in high regard and close to you, as they provide you with excellent opportunities.

Let me explain. Enemies, like competitors, ultimately make you better. You will sense the competition and go the extra mile to improve and show them! Also, your business competition will help shape the market in which you both operate and ensure the customers feel they will get a good deal as there is competition. No one likes to buy from the only store in town as it will give you the feeling that you have no leverage. Some solid competition also will grow the market for your products as more customers will hear about your products. 

Competing colleagues are very useful to keep you awake and on your toes. Healthy conflict, dynamic tension, needs to be encouraged. Now having said that, there is a point where conflict becomes counter productive and hurts the company’s business, once you reach that state it is obvious that a meeting of the minds is in order and sr management needs to get involved.

Not accepting conflict as a regular part of your career or your business is denying yourself improvement opportunities and also, by avoiding conflict or competition you will not behave naturally and be seen as not functioning at your best. 

So instead of spending your time avoiding the conflicts, learn to see the healthy side of it and accept that it is the natural way the world progresses. Warm and cold, High and Low, Nice and Naughty, the world is full of conflicts and opposing views, accept it, use it to your advantage.

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