Vacation Tips

It is summertime and we can all relax and enjoy our vacation. Or can we?

For some of us the vacation time provides some additional stress. It makes us insecure about what will happen back at work and we develop the urge to continuously check twitter, facebook and email accounts to stay in touch. 

This may not help you or your family to enjoy a family vacation. Here are some tips to help relax while not having too much difficulty hitting the ground running when you get back.

Communication: Ensure all know that you are gone and the timing of it. Ensure someone knows how to contact you for that dreaded disaster that you would need to know before returning to work.

Organize: Ensure all delegations are in place, your replacement can approve what will need to be approved and people are aware who will take care of what projects that you are working on.

Switch off: Dare to switch off, try it, it will be revealing how much you can enjoy and how well your company will cope without you. Think of it this way, this is the ultimate time for the people in your team to take charge and make decisions so they get the experience you want them to have. This is also the time you will be able to evaluate how well they did with you not being there.

Don’t overload: Leave yourself some days to get used to the new vacation schedule and do not attempt to see all family members in the first week. Relax and take a few days before you head out, it will help you feel good about the state you left your home in and make it easier to come back.

Don’t talk shop: Who cares what the other guy does when he is not drinking with you at the bar in the all inclusive resort. Why would he care what you do anyway? Don’t talk shop! See it as an experiment. Are you capable of keeping up an interesting conversation for a whole evening without ever mentioning your company?

We here at 10Pointsmanagement wish you all a relaxing vacation and will prepare some tips to get back in the swing of thing towards the end of the vacation time.

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