What creativity do you need?

Most articles on the web that talk about creativity discuss it as either a way to create pieces of art or, in business, as a way to come up with entrepeneurial ideas to make money.

In 10pointsmanagement we have a slightly different view on creativity. Here creativity is referring to the ability to manage people by finding ways to motivate them to change their behavior in a way that will help your business following a path of thinking that is not obvious to the casual observer. 

Creativity will help managers to solve conflicts, get new approaches in the process of the department, develop ways to motivate the team members and ensure  clear communication and goal clarity. Some would call it thinking outside the box, but if you don’t like the buzzwords just think about it as focussing on the result that needs to be accomplished, bearing in mind all available resources. 

Companies and managers have a way of putting a label on their team members, considering their contributions only for the job they have been hired for. Well, as soon as your team members leave your facility, they go on to manage associations that they are members of, or put up marketing campaigns for the political or charitable cause they support. You however do not tap into these capabilities but consider their contributions just for the job they have been hired to do. Without advocating to have everyone be involved in everything, this is an encouragement to be creative in how you use your resources and how you tap the minds of your team members. Creativity in how you make use of what is available already in the company, creativity in how you approach your communication with groups that are in conflict. Showing people that there are other ways to think about solving the issues of the day.

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