Why do I need a Process

Large organizations have whole departments filled with folks that will describe your processes and then go on to tell you why your processes aren’t any good and what you need to change. Companies have developed elaborate systems to analyze, structure, build, describe and audit processes.


is a much used credo.

We have listed Process also as one of our 10 Points of Management. Let me tell you why. Over the years I have found that people are creatures of habit. However independent people portray themselves, most people like some predictability in their life and in their work. Also there is a lot of waste in always having to redo and re-invent the things that you are responsible for. If you capture the most common things in a Process and follow it, you will end up with time to spare and time to devote to more value added work.

A process is not boring and a stringent way of forcing you to do you work in a particular way, a process should be seen as a tool that makes your work more predictable, less prone for mistakes, transparent to your organization, easy to analyze in case of mistakes, easy to communicate requirements and set expectations. A Process is a good thing.

In my kitchen at home I know that following a process (the recipe) ensures my family knows what to expect, I can rest assure the cooking will be successful and I don’t have to invent the meal by trial and error. Following my workprocesses ensure I can rest assured that there is buy in for what I do, folks expect my outcomes and understand my requirements. We are busy developing a more elaborate view on Process so come back from time to time and check the premium articles.

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