You cannot motivate your team

His theory about motivation is that the motivators and hygiene factors are not a continuum. Only motivators can motivate people, the absence of motivators does not necessarily demotivate them but a deficiency in hygiene factors will demotivate them. From this also follows that an overabundance of hygiene factors won’t make for long term motivation, but probably last about three months before people get used to the new level.

So back to the question at hand, how can we motivate our team? People need the motivators so you as a managers need to ensure there is challenging work, there is recognition (not necessarily monitary) for their work and that you push responsibilities down the line as much as you can. Is this the end of bonus plans? No it isn’t, as the lack of a bonus plan, if that is a competitive benefit in the area, would be a deficiency in the hygiene factors.

Although you cannot motivate your team directly, you can create the environment and the conditions that will cause your team to find motivation to come back everyday and deliver the results.


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